You’re an entrepreneur, a professional, a wife, a significant other, a sister, a mother— a woman.

Do you prioritize the needs of others before your own, leaving you stressed, overwhelmed, and your health neglected? Have you convinced yourself that the drive-thru window and frozen-food section are not that bad since they save you time? Have you bought into the idea that self-care is selfish, and that you must suck it up and #pushthrough everything? Have you given up on trying to fit in a few minutes of exercise into your day? You're not alone.

The Solution! What if I challenged you to carve out time to focus on YOU? What if there was a safe and supportive space where you could recharge and reconnect with your needs, your dreams, and of course your health for a few hours?  Would you be down?

Next up is The FAB Gathering DAYcation - an ultra-exclusive day of relaxation, self-discovery, and pampering that will recharge and refresh you.  Explore creative lifestyle strategies THAT WORK to tame the chaos, find your zen, rejuvenate your femininity, and restore balance as 2019 comes to an end

This one of a kind "ladies day in" experience will take place at a private residence allowing you to disconnect and escape from the hustle and bustle of your life. This day of immersion will produce aha moments and breakthroughs through interactive group chatswellness demonstrations, reflective activities, and relaxation stations. Not to mention the connection and support that you will receive by surrounding yourself with like-minded women who experience the same challenges as you and are working together to design a fabulous and more fulfilled life.

Participation is limited to 12 women.  Attendees will be selected based on their submission of an application.


The FAB Gathering is a collective of busy women just like you rising above the overwhelm, frustration, and the guilt to give their food, actions, and beliefs the attention that is needed.

It’s a safe space to let down your guard and be willing to receive support and tools to elevate your health and your life. Our founder, Dr. Jamie is on a mission to help women to be fit, fabulous, and fulfilled by giving their food, actions, and beliefs a makeover. As a busy wife, professional, and entrepreneur she knows first hand the pressures and challenges that women face in their health and in their day to day lives. Through fun and interactive activities and informative girl talk over dinner, she is curating a FAB experience that will position you to achieve balance, clarity, and health in the New Year. Seating is limited to 30 women.



Our founder, Dr. Jamie is on a mission to help women to be fit, FABulous, and fulfilled by giving their food, actions, and beliefs a makeover.

She is a Board-Certified Pharmacist, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Media Personality, Lifestyle Expert, and wife here to keep you fit, fabulous, and fulfilled without prescribed pills.

Through her videos, books, events, and programs she teaches busy women juggling businesses, relationships, and careers how to eat healthier, effectively manage stress, and incorporate regular physical activity into their fast paced lives.

Dr. Jamie is highly sought after by print, online, radio, and TV media outlets to provide a fresh perspective on stress management, clean eating and finding balance through detoxing and meditation.

She equips clients and audiences with the tools necessary to implement lasting changes in their lifestyle that enhance the quality of their health and ultimately their LIFE.


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Thanks so much for visiting The FAB Gathering website. We know you're intrigued, ready and excited about joining our FAB movement! This event series will feature quarterly events to help women eat, believe and live fabulously.

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